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Meet Me in Sorrento

Link: Meet Me in Sorrento

We have spent a week in the Amalfi Coast and have seen Positano, Praino, Capri, and Sorrento. We had to say good bye to Haley’s parents on Saturday (Oct 23rd) which was sad. We had such a blast touring Italy with them and it was so nice to have such great company. We now must spend the next 6 weeks all by ourselves until we meet up with my two brothers in Switzerland. We will head to Greece on Tuesday and are looking at about 34 hours of continuous travel to get there. We leave Sorrento at 830 in the morning on Tuesday and arrive in Athens on Wednesday around 6 or 7PM. Pray for our connecting trains!

As we leave Sorrento, here are our favorite memories:

  • Sunsets on the veranda outside Villa Gardens with Mark and Dottie
  • Getting lost in Capri in the morning but finding great weather in the afternoon
  • Visiting Trattoria de la Emilia where Haley and I reconciled six years ago after a tough spot in our relationship while we studying abroad
  • Fantastic Napoleaon type pizza at Ristorante Il Campanno
  • The complimentary car service (Mercedes Benz) provided by Ristorante Il Borgho up to the hills of Sorrento for a great view and a great meal.
  • The live music at Taverna Allegra and how everyone in the restaurant joined in on the singing.
  • And finally, Haley and I getting an afternoon of warm weather and an entire beach to ourselves on our last full day

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Positano, The Amalfi Coast & The Path of the Gods

Link: Positano, The Amalfi Coast & The Path of the Gods

We spent two days in a town called Positano on the Amalfi Coast. The first day we just enjoyed the incredible weather and the incredible beauty. The second day we got more adventurous and more ambitious as we attempted to run/hike “The Path of the Gods” which is an incredible 4 hour hike in the mountains of Positano. With the Marathon in about a week, we thought it would be a good last workout. Unfortunately, around mile 3 or 4 Haley took a spill. Thankfully no serious injuries, but we walked the rest of the way and even cut it short because it started to rain. Don’t worry – Haley is tough and even though there were some bruises and cuts she kept going and barely complained.

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Best of The Isle of Capri

Link: Best of The Isle of Capri

We had a fantastic day at Capri. I really was very pessimistic because it has been so cold in Italy and the day started off misty and cold. I was dressed in a fleece and windbreaker, tennis shoes, and jeans. However, Haley in all her optimism, convinced me to bring flip flops and a swimsuit. By 11AM, the sun started to come out and by noon it was gorgeous and warm enough to run around on the beaches, fantastic!

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Team World Vision – One Week Until The Marathon!

Link: Team World Vision – One Week Until The Marathon!

 Link to our Team World Vision website:

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Best of Rome Pictures

Link: Best of Rome Pictures

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Best of Florence Pictures

Link: Best of Florence Pictures

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Best of Working on Vineyard in Tuscany Pictures

Link: Best of Working on Vineyard in Tuscany Pictures

 Link to our Best of Working on the Vineyard pictures on facebook:

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