Take Me to Geneva


Home to the Largest Fountain in Europe, the birthplace of Calvinism, the UN, and the Big Bang Experiment, Geneva had a lot to offer. We spent Thursday and Friday night there and made sure that we bought some of the famous Swiss chocolate and army knives so we could make the visit official. The city was incredible. What made it even better was that it was not only lit up for Christmas but also for Switzerland’s L’ Escalade celebration which took place the weekend we were in town! I’m not sure where Pac-Man fits into the festivities but he seemed to be taking center state. Check out the photos!

Holden and Brittany took the lead for our time in Geneva and began our time with a walking tour led by Marvin and Marge (see finger puppets photos). They took us first to St. Peter’s Church and Calvin Auditorium where John Calvin and his co-Reformists fought for the beliefs of Protestantism. Interestingly, one guidebook said that what the Vatican is to Catholicism, Geneva is to Protestantism. It was a unique experience since all the churches we have visited up to this point have all been Catholic.

Marvin and Marge then led us to a kebab restaurant (Newton’s favorite) and to Geneva’s Jet d’Eau which is Europe’s largest fountain. We ended our time in Geneva with the Christmas Market and some very tasty Christmas crepes.

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