Montreux Christmas Market & Freddie Mercury Day 

The next day we decided to head a nearby town we were told had a great Christmas Market. We ordered a taxi and were told it would cost us 100 swiss francs. When we arrived in Montreux, the taxi driver pointed to the meter and asked for 120 francs so I proceeded to question him on the matter. This cab driver proceeded to explain how he was giving us such a great deal. He told that it was a National Holiday and that he should have charged us double. We ended up meeting in the middle and paying 110.

The highlights of the Christmas Market were trying Absinthe for the first time and finding a massive statue of Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen). After seeing all the people gathered around it who were leaving flowers and paying homage I began to wonder if this was the National Holiday the taxi driver mentioned. We snapped a few photos and expressed amusement at Freddie Mercury’s epitaph – “Singer of Songs – Lover of Life.” Maybe one day that can be written on a monument in my name. 

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