Running in the Beauty of Interlaken

Seeing how Interlaken is the adrenaline seeking sports capital of Europe we felt we needed to do something. Unfortunately, Interlaken is so expensive we couldn’t find a single activity for less than $150 a person. Then we looked around and saw the incredible beauty of the town. While there was snow on the ground, the sun was shining and we felt inspired seeing those who were paragliding down from the mountains. We suited up and went for what has to one of the MOST AMAZING runs we have done on this trip!

We have done a lot of runs during this trip, especially during those months preparing for the marathon. Our most memorable runs have been (1) Running 10 miles in Dublin through Phoenix Park, crossing the Samuel Beckett Bridge and passing the Great Famine statues; (2) Running along the beach in Barcelona, (3) Running Haley’s first half marathon in Rabat, Morocco, (4) Wearing my headlamp while we ran in the mountains of Andalucía at dawn, (5) Running past the Colosseum in Rome, (6) Running 16 miles in Tuscany at Sunset, (7) and completing my first marathon in Athens, Greece on the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of the Marathon.

I have loved this trip so much and am in awe of all we have been able to see. I love that somehow living in Chicago the last three years convinced me to get into running. It has added so much more meaning and added so many great memories to this trip. Just sitting here and thinking through my favorite runs, I feel compelled to thank Jesus for how His amazing provision and blessing.

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