The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music…

and it’s not Frauline Maria making music in Salzburg, its Mozart! The beautiful town of Salzburg, Austria is the birthplace to music’s most famous composer and the town does everything in its power to not let you forget it. There are streets, plazas, buildings, chocolates, and even colognes named after him! Jackson and I visited one of the homes that he grew up in where they have a lovely, informative museum about Mozart’s childhood and early career. I learned a lot about the man Mozart, though he was a genius and extremely talented, he was also quite prone to the ridiculous. We weren’t sure if the movie Amadeus was correct, but after visiting the museum and seeing some of the letters he wrote to his father and sister, you really get the impression that he was a bit perverse. Mozart (along with his sister) was a child prodigy and traveled all over Europe performing concerts. It was interesting coming to Salzburg after Vienna which also seems to adopt Mozart as its own. We chose not to attend a Mozart concert in Salzburg since we already went to one in Vienna.

Of course, this is not what drew us to Salzburg in the first place. Since childhood, I have always dreamed of visiting the place where Maria and the von Trapp family sang Do Re Mi, I am Sixteen going on Seventeen, The Hills are Alive, Edelweiss, etc. Many of the sites from the movie are found throughout Salzburg and though it was snowing like mad, I still made Jackson do the unofficial tour with me. We went to the Mirabell Gardens (which was basically a blanket of white snow when we arrived) and ran through the grassy arch and around the area where Maria taught the kids Do Re Mi. I ventured out my own and visited the building where the family sang Edelweiss and climbed a mountain (not “every mountain”) to visit Nonnberg Nunnery where Frauline Maria was a problem to be solved.

Salzburg was a beautiful city with jutting mountains everywhere you looked and friendly people on every corner. In fact, we met a woman who had known Tom Cruise and gave us a pic of  her with the great actor and talked our ear off. She showed us where Tom stayed and shot the movie “Knight and Day” in Salzburg.

Christmas was certainly in the air along with the smell of hot wine and of course Christmas stands, trees, and lights everywhere you looked!

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