Breakfast in Croatia, Lunch in Slovenia, and Dinner in Austria

Three meals, three countries! We really cranked up the speed since we are short on time and need to see as much as possible before we have to head back to the real world. After sharing my story of survival in Croatia with Haley we just crashed at our hostel called Hobo Bear. It was the 2nd hostel we stayed at that had a collection of American movies. We watched a bit of Taken and a little bit of the new Indiana Jones with the two Australians in the common room. Australians seem to always be traveling. We have met so many during our time over here!

During my time out at Plitvice Lakes, Haley did some research and found out a way for us to squeeze in another country into our itinerary. We ate breakfast at our hostel and then caught a train to the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. We spent most of the train ride trying to figure out to pronounce it but feel we have it down now – “loob – lee – AH – nah”

Ljubljana really reminded us of Vienna’s architectural beauty and on the train ride we thought we had made a mistake and were entering Switzerland. We enjoyed a great lunch and then took in the famous bridges of the city. They have a Triple Bridge comprised of three bridges converging into the main square. They also have a really awesome Dragon Bridge with four dragon statues. After snapping a fair share of photos we began our snow hike to the top of the city so we could see the castle and take in the great views. We then made our way down to enjoy an afternoon coffee in the main square to warm up before catching our 4:30 train to Salzburg and settling into the satisfaction of seeing three countries in a single day.

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