Jackson’s Big Adventure: Hitch Hiking in Croatia – Part II


After the Big Waterfall, we walked a little further to catch a boat to cross one of the bigger lakes, but discovered that they had closed due to the increasing snow. So our group turned around and headed back to the main entrance. While I wanted to see more, I felt the trip had still been a success and going home might be the best idea. I just missed the 11 bus so I grabbed some food and got to the bus stop at 12:20. I wanted to make sure I arrived early because the next bus was not until 5PM and I had heard from several people that sometimes the buses don’t stop! I was a bit worried, but thought that surely this wouldn’t happen to me.

Well, at exactly 12:51 a bus comes roaring by and despite my flailing of arms and yelling, it just blew right by. I can’t describe the anger that welled up in my gut. I was so pissed. That was just so ridiculous, I looked the bus driver in the eye and he just waved his hand! For good measure, I stood there for another half hour before walking the 50 feet to the ticket booth where I was going to voice my complaints. I explained my situation to the woman behind the desk. In words that I won’t soon forget she said, “oh, well they’re running late due to the weather. You see that bus (points with her finger), that’s the one you need to take.” I turn my head only to see it driving away from the bus stop! I flew out the door and chased it in vain, but it was gone. Not another bus for 4 hours!! And what if this one was even later since the snow was getting worse? I checked into any other ways home, but the only thing available would be a taxi and that was going to run me $200. Things were not looking good.

I was so upset I just sat down next to the bus stop (see photo) and let the snow build up all around me. I couldn’t move. I was just so paralyzed by the horror of missing my best chance of getting home by literally 30 seconds or so. What if I had waited just one or two minutes more before walking over to the ticket booth?? What if the bus had been one or two minutes later? The lady would have told me to go back and wait and I would have most likely made it. What was the deal with the bus that came by at 12:51 then? All these thoughts and more ran through my head.

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