A Luxurious Bath

No, I am not about to divulge too much personal information here, I am only telling you that the top winter outdoor activity in Budapest is soaking in the Hungarian thermal baths.  Jackson and I, adorned in our swimsuits, swam outside in 38 degrees Celsius water (I think that is about 100 degrees in American)! Though the walk (or run rather) from the locker room to the pool was miserable, the baths were amazing. This bath was not in just an ordinary pool either, it was in a courtyard of a luxurious, beautiful Hungarian 18th century building. The Hungarian Bath truly is a social event and has been for over a millennium. Many people were there and there was group of older men playing chess in the pool – and yes, just like every other man they were in speedos. I guess instead of Washington Square, Budapest has the Szechenyi Baths! Check out the pics!

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