Largest Square in All of Europe & Pics

Rynek Glowny in central Krakow is the largest market square in all of Europe and is ranked as one of Europe’s “most gasp-worthy public spaces.” Poland was not on the original itinerary Haley and I had decided upon and thus had not made it onto the list of countries our Eurail Pass covered. We had thrown together the plans in Santorini to add Krakow and gone through all the pains of coordinating the train travel. It was all worth it when we stepped into that square. Even more so, it had been raining and/or overcast for over a week and we hadn’t seen the sun or sky much, but on our second night in Krakow the sky began to clear and the moon light shown down on the square. It made for great photography and left me thinking Krakow is a must see for anyone traveling in Eastern Europe.

You can see our best of Krakow photos at

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