Prague – Fav Memories & Best of Photos

Link: Prague – Fav Memories & Best of Photos

·  Enjoying a cheap lunch of brie cheese and a baguette by LunaPark

·  Staying at a fantastic 4 star hotel – Thank God Prague is so cheap!

·  American Breakfast Buffets Included With Our Hotel – Breakfast hasn’t tasted so good in a long time since a typical European breakfast is a cup of coffee and a croissant. (last good breakfast was in Morocco with Peter and Summer – fantastic banana waffles with home made syrup)

·  Old Town Square At Night (see pictures)

·  Charles Bridge

·  Learning About John Hus and Seeing His Statue

·  Seeing the World’s Oldest and Most Amazing Clock (see facebook pic & description)

·  Seeing Tyco Brahe and the scientists who are trying to determine how he really died.

·  Clara, our incredible walking tour guide and her description of the thief of St. James and his severed hand.

·  Finally finding the Franz Kafka Museum. Still not sure who he is exactly, but now know at least a few facts.





You can check out our best of photos at

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