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Catching Up – Start with Haley’s Big Day! (Video)

So it has been over a week since our last post. In the last 7 days we’ve been three countries – Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. We’ll try and play some quick catch up with the highpoints of each, but first let’s talk about Haley’s birthday. So, as her husband, I have learned that Haley’s birthday is not a single day event. I don’t know if this is a girl thing or not, but it seems like the best way for me to communicate to Haley that her birthday is important is to spread it out over several days – maybe a week, heck – even the whole month of November! Any other husbands feel this way?

Nevertheless, we arrived in Prague to our fancy hotel that we splurged on. Definitely much better than Miramare hostel in Athens where I woke up with ants in my bed and in my bag. Without Haley knowing I had worked with a few people to coordinate the sending of some packages and cards to her so she would have something to open on her birthday. It went over extremely well and Haley was very surprised and thankful! Even more the hotel upgraded us to an executive suite. We had a special card that allowed us to go to the top floor – pretty fancy! So after opening the packages and trying on the fancy robes provided, we got a knock on the door. The hotel had brought us complimentary chocolate cake and champagne!! We couldn’t believe it – Absolutely fantastic!

The Park Inn Hotel is the best place to stay. We strongly recommend you stay there if you happen to go to Prague. Check out the video to see us opening up the bubbly.

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