The Original Sachertorte – Europe’s Best Chocolate Cake


After enjoying Europe’s best chocolate cake – the Sachertorte – we promptly agreed to come back for breakfast the next day. Not that we are prone to having chocolate cake for breakfast, it is just that one slice and coffee was so expensive we had to make it count towards a meal in order to fit it into the budget.


The history of the Sachertorte goes back to 1832, when Prince Metternich charged his personal chef with creating a special dessert for several important guests. The head chef became violently sick so the task fell to the 16 year old Franz Sacher, his apprentice. Metternich declared to him, “Let there be no shame on me tonight!”


A long-standing feud exists between the Sacher Hotel Restaurant and Café Demel over who has the right to sell the legendary and original Sachertorte. In 1965, a court ruled in favor of Hotel Sacher, but Demel still claims that the chef who invented the torte brought “the original recipe” with him when he left the Sacher to work for Demel. We went with the Original and didn’t look back.

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