Vienna’s Christmas Market

Ok – so Vienna seriously swept us off our feet with its charm, beauty and history. Home to the Hapsburg Empire for 600 years and playground for musical geniuses such as Motzart, Beethozen, and Strauss, it was hard not to get caught up in all the magic. We got off to a great start by experiencing the opening night of the Viener Christlmarkt (Viennese Christmas Market). It was totally surreal since Haley and I have visited the German Christmas Market in Chicago the last two years, it was amazing to take in the real McCoy. What made it even better was all the buzz around opening night, the ceremony, and the “turning on” of all the lights. We sipped our hot wine, ate our roasted nuts, and picked out a Christmas ornament to take home to remember it all. Check out some of the fantastic photos we got – it really looks like a postcard.

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