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Red Beach and That Good Ole Baylor Line (Video)

            By far and away our favorite beach in Santorini was Red Beach. The guide book recommended Perissa and Kamari beach but they paled in comparison to the beauty of Red Beach. The sand was made up of black and red pebble sand that originated from the volcano half a mile away. The cliffs were painted with a blood red color that only added to the feeling of other-planetness. After a few steps I felt the need to put on my motorbike helmet because it was starting to feel a bit too much like Mars. Haley, who I will call “The Brave One” from now on just jumped right into the ocean and started swimming. As she described it, where the dry sand meets the sand underneath the water felt like ash between her toes.

            As we have traveled, we continue to bump into very friendly people and Red Beach was no different – only this time it was even better because not only were they from Texas they were Baylor alumni!

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