The Island of Santorini – GO IN LOW SEASON!

The island of Santorini is “one of the most spectacular islands in the world.” (Frommers, Rick Steves, & Let’s Go). It produces fiery sunsets – and I mean the sun turns RED – over a completely gorgeous cobalt blue sea. Whitewashed towns balance on plunging cliffs, lava black sand beaches and these incredible sunsets make the landscape almost as dramatic as the volcano that created it. This eruptive past and startling beauty is what has led some to believe that it is the lost continent of Atlantis. Nearly 3,500 years ago, a volcano erupted that caused ¾ of the island to sink into the sea, leaving only a crescent shaped fragment which is what we call today Santorini.

So, as you can tell most of everything we read about Greece made a strong impression that Santorini was a must see. It has been featured in many movies, and its’ white cities and blue roofs are about as picturesque as you get. Our only add to what the tour books say is that we highly recommend you go in low season (October or November). The island is absolutely flooded during the months of July and August, but seeing how the entire island practically shuts down from mid November to the end of February, we nearly had the island to ourselves. Also, much to our happy surprise, the weather was magnificent. There was barely a cloud in the sky the entire time and it was very warm.

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