The Acropolis

One of the best sites, of course, was the Acropolis and all the different ancient building that are a part of it. Acro – polis means “high – city” in Greek and where we derive the word politics – which means in Greek “the affairs of the city.” It was built in 5th century BC and as one historian stated,

“The Acropolis still contains the most beautiful buildings we know. Not the grandest, or the most splendid. Simply the most beautiful. All the forms which the Greeks employed in these buildings were to be used again and again in architecture. You will find Greek columns in almost every city in the world, once you have learned to recognize them.”

Jackson and I arrived at 8:30 in the morning on a beautiful, clear Saturday morning and we were practically the ONLY people there. It was unbelievable to walk around the site and have it nearly to ourselves. It is really unheard of to have this kind of experience and by the time we left an hour later there were hundreds of people arriving! – so worth it to get there early! It was wonderful viewing this magnificent, ancient site. Watch the video to see more!

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