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36 Hours of Travelling from Bari to Athens


Well, a lot has happened since our last post. We miraculously made it to Athens last Wednesday (the 27th) around 7PM. God was so good! We really didn’t think we were going to make it on board our 17 hour ferry from Bari, Italy to Patras, Greece. It was quite an ordeal.

We left Sorrento at 8:30AM on Tuesday and arrived in Naples at 10 so we could catch our 11:30 train to Bari. Well, when we got to Naples we discovered that our 11:30 train did not exist! It was in the Eurorail 2010 timetable book, on the website, and we even confirmed over the phone, but when we showed up to the station the people at the desk said it didn’t exist. SOOO – we had to catch a 11 train to some town I’ve never heard of called Caserta and then catch a train to Bari at 3:50 which would get us in at 6:45. Our ferry left at 8PM so we were a bit worried, but thought we could still make it. Well, our train was 40 minutes LATE, meaning we would not arrive at the train station until 7:30 and we would still need to get to the port and check in by 7:45 or our reservations would be lost. We were seriously freaking out!

We prayed like crazy and upon arriving found a cab. We landed a fantastic cab driver who drove us like a mad man from the train station to the port, ran in with me to the check in booth to help me check in and get our tickets and then drove us over to the ship and made sure we got on. It was incredible! We really couldn’t believe it – we had pretty much already resolved that we were going to have to spend the night in Bari, find accommodations, and catch the ferry the next day.


The ferry was great. It was like a really nice cruise ship and was both Haley and I’s first real  experience in the open ocean. We met a really nice Australian guy, had a nice dinner, and slept surprisingly well. Make sure to check out the video as Haley says “Ciao” to Italy and “Yasas” to Greece.

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