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Having A Beach in Sorrento All To Ourselves. Fan-friggin’-tastic!

So, even though it was our last day in Sorrento, I was determined to play catch up because I felt so behind. Unanswered emails, no updates to the blog, organize photos, coordinate the train and ferry schedules, make some decisions on where were going after Greece, etc. Haley really wanted to go outside but I told her we couldn’t leave the hostel until we got all this stuff done. Well, she talked me into grabbing lunch nearby and going for a short run. After the run, we happened across a great beach that was completely empty and all the sudden the sun came out and well, the rest of the afternoon was lost. It is 2:30 in the morning and I am still trying to catch up – but looking back – well worth, a great high to leave Italy on.

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