Is The Pope Catholic?

So, during our time in Rome, we read a really funny section out of Rick Steve’s tour guide. It lists the stupidest questions or comments that he has heard while giving tours in Rome. I really got a good laugh out of these – hope you do too!

  • Oh, to be here in Rome…where our Lord Jesus walked.
  • Is this where Jesus fought the lions?
  • This guy who made so many nice things, Rene Sance, who is he? (say it fast, and you’ll get the gist)
  • Was John Paul II the son of John Paul I?
  • What is the Sistine Chapel worth in US dollars?
  • How did Michelangelo get Moses to pose for him?
  • What is Michelangelo doing now?
  • (Upon seeing the arrow-pierced sculpture of St. Sebastian) – Oh, you Italians had problems with the Indians, too?
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