The Vatican and St. Peter’s


Ah Roma! We are back after six years. Throwing the coin in the Trevi Fountain all those years ago really does bring you back. Just kidding! It has been amazing experiencing the Eternal City and now, this time around, I am so impressed with this city and think it is the most amazing place I have ever been. Last time Jackson and I were here we rushed to see everything, but this time we have had more time to really digest it.

The other day we went to the Vatican City and again saw the genius creativity of Michelangelo. I took a whole entire class at Baylor on Michelangelo and we mostly focused on the glorious Sistine Chapel – the Ceiling and the Last Judgment. I mean it is a whole football field of paintings done by one person (mostly). It is insane how talented he was. I was also reminded that he was the main architect for the dome of St. Peters Church. So just to clarify – he produced the world’s greatest sculpture (The David), the world’s greatest painting (The Sistine Chapel) and the world’s largest dome (St. Peter’s Basillica) for the world’s largest religion (Christianity / Catholicism). We really had an amazing second experience at the Vatican though it wipes you out because there is so much to take in. We ended the day with dinner near our apartment (across the street from the ColosseumJ) and toasted with my parents to the glory of Rome over a glass of Limoncello.

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