The David

I have seen dozens of pictures of The David – I saw it 6 years ago – I saw the replica of The David in Piazza della Signoria – I saw the bronze replica of it on top of the Piazzale Michelangelo but still when I saw it in the Galleria della Accademia museum I was completely shocked and overwhelmed by it. Michelangelo took what had been declared a “unusable” piece of granite by another artist and turned it into what is hands down considered the greatest sculpture in the world by all art historians – there isn’t even a close second.

On a side note – the long hall leading up to The David is devoted to Michelangelo’s Slaves. These are extremely fascinating sculptures and I recommend that you check them out online. Michelangelo believed that God had already put a piece of art in each of these large granite blocks and all that was needed from him was a skilled chisel and divine inspiration to set them free. The sculptures appear incomplete but if we apply Michelangelo’s theory it may be that they are still in the midst of their struggle for freedom – either way, they are remarkable to look at.

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