Aqua Al Due

When you come to Italy, you have to set aside one night to go all out and SPLURGE! Well, tonight was that night and Aqua Al Due was the restaurant. Haley and I ate here once when we studied abroad in Florence back in 2004 and Haley has been referencing it as her #1 favorite restaurant ever since. They have a speciality menu option that allows for you to order a “tasting” of their 5 best pasta dishes as your “primi piatti” – first dish. As the “segundo piatti” you get a “tasting of their 2 best steak dishes. While Naples is known for their pizza and Rome is known for their spaghetti, Florence is known for their meat.

The first steak is amazing and has an incredible balsamic sauce, but the second steak is what Aqua Al Due is famous for. Haley has been talking about it for the last 6 years and when her parents planned their trip to Italy, Haley made sure they understood that the best meal in Florence was this restaurant and this blueberry steak. You have to close your eyes and try not to breathe while you eat this steak. You don’t want your mind working on anything else but trying to absorb every sensation this piece of meat resonates with.

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