World Vision:

So the marathon is two weeks from today – its definitely game time now. We wanted to let you know that Haley has decided that she will not attempt the marathon , but instead will just try to run as far as she can. This is for several reasons – first, we only registered Haley for the 10K when we signed up 5 months ago; second, the farthest race Haley has run is an 8K and jumping straight to a marathon is probably a bit too much; third, the Athens Classic Marathon is considered a very difficult marathon because the first half is mostly up hill. 

We had a great run today and are feeling good, but please pray for our knees because taking on the hills of Greece is a bit scary. We are trying to plan a way for Haley to complete her 10K and then join Jackson for the last 8 miles or so of the marathon. However, this is proving a bit tricky since the race is a straight shot from Marathon to Athens.

Please remember to check out our World Vision link. This is the charity that we are running for and they do a great deal of good here in this world. Thanks everybody!!


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