Help Exchange is the organization we worked through to get connected with the  Cavallari family outside of Florence. They connect people who are interested in volunteering in exchange for room and board with people who need help and are willing to offer free room and board.

In this picture you can see Andrea and Veronica who hosted us. They share the farm with Andrea’s twin brother Ricardo and his wife Nila (seen in the picture). Andrea and Veronica have an 11 year old son named Zeno and they are an absolutely amazing family. Ricardo and Nila have a daughter and son named Grecia and Crispino. The two families have been doing organic farming in Tuscany for the last 11 years. We had such a blast getting to know them and learning about the Mafia, understanding what good wine is, and having great conversations on global issues ranging from the oil crisis to who is God. 

This experience has taught us so much. Getting to see and live with an Italian family in Tuscany really allowed us to get past the typical tourism of museums and art galleries and see the true heart and soul of a people.



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