1000 Bottles of Wine In Tuscany

So we had just about the best experience two days ago. We helped Andrea move the fermented grapes that they harvested two weeks ago from the big metal container into the wooden barrels. We drained the pure wine and then used a machine to create the “compressed” wine, which resulted in producing approximately 1000 bottles. The family will wait until next June to bottle them and then will let some continue to age, some will be sold, and some will just be for the family to enjoy.

Through the process, we got to take a few tastings to make sure the wine was good and it was fantastic. I also had to climb inside the big metal container to pull out some of the grapes and the smell was so strong that I was afraid I was going to get high. You can see in one of the pictures what the compressed grapes look like after they have been through the machine. It looks like some what of a cake, and it is these dried grapes that the Italians use to make their alcoholic drink called Grappa. All in all, it was probably the coolest experience we have had so far. I mean, making wine in Tuscany – how does it get better than that?

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