The Oil Shoppe

We took the train from Milan to Florence and before we made our way to the farm in Tuscany we wanted to make a quick stop to see if our favorite sandwich shop in all of Italy was still in business. We practically ate lunch at the Oil Shoppe everyday for a month when Haley and I studied abroad in Florence during the summer of 2004. Alberto, the owner, is extremely passionate about sandwiches and strives to make every customer the perfect sandwich. He asks you several questions about what you like, but then asks you to trust him with the other ingredients that he throws in. He kind of reminds me of Jackson Pollack – his sandwiches are filled with all kinds of stuff and he seems to be throwing food around, but somehow every sandwich I’ve ever had there has been amazing.

It was 330 when we arrived in Florence and we had about an hour and half before we needed to catch our next train into Tuscany. We hurried off the train, put our big bags in storage, and headed into the city. It was a very unique experience. Haley and I spent 5 weeks living in Florence in 2004 and other than our hometowns, Waco, and Chicago, Haley and I have spent the most time in Florence. Also, every other place we have visited so far has been the first time we had been there and it was nice to have some familiarity. We were worried about making it in time since siesta usually starts around 4, but we arrived just in time and found out that Alberto and the Oil Shoppe are still alive and well! We had an incredible lunch, made our train, and met up with the couple we would be farming with. It was a great day.  

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