Milan and Lake Como (Oct 2 – 4)

Well, our flight from Madrid to Milan was fantastic seeing how we had no delay. After our last few experiences, we have walked into the airport with the expectation that our flight will be delayed at least 3 hours. We arrived in Milan around 4PM and checked into Hotel Arno. The staff was incredibly friendly. We then toured the city a bit by doing a 7 mile run. Milan is very cosmopolitan and fashionable and during our run we were able to do all kinds of high society window shopping – Gucci, Prada, Salvador Feragamo, Ferrari, etc.

On Sunday we took the early train to Lake Como and spent the day just hanging out and strolling through this incredible and magical place. We had a fantastic coffee right on the lake and met a couple from Kansas. They are doing a two week tour of Italy and it was fun to hear about all the places they have scheduled in their itinerary. There were several boat tours offered of which the most famous included seeing George Clooney’s house on the lake. There was some heavy fog so we are not sure, but we may have been able to catch a small peak with our camera from a look out point.

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