What Is The Difference Between A Politician and A Lady?

Each day we would have about five 1-to-1s. A 1-to-1 is where one Anglo and one Spaniard meet and just walk the grounds of the Coto del Valle resort with the sole purpose of just talking so they can improve their English. In addition to these 1-to-1s, the Spaniards have to give two 5 minutes presentations in English. During one of these 1-to-1s, a Spaniard named Jose and I spent some time discussing the presentation that he was to give the next day. The topic he choose was marriage; not his marriage, but the general topic of marriage. Jose, who at first seemed quiet and reserved, had me laughing the entire hour as he shared his profound yet very witty thoughts on marriage. This is one of the many things he taught me during our hour:

  1. When a Politician says Yes, He means perhaps;                                           When a Lady says No, She Means Perhaps
  2. When a Politician Says Perhaps, He means No;                                                  When Lady says Perhaps, She means Yes
  3. When a Politician Says No, He is not being a Politician;                                      When a Lady says Yes, She is not being a Lady
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