Quemada (Pouring Fire)

The quemada is an alcoholic drink that is native to the Galician region of Spain. Galicia is an autonomous community and historic region, in northwest Spain, with the status of a historic nationality, and descends from one of the first kingdoms of Europe, the Kingdom of Galicia.

This drink is similar to the alcoholic drink, moonshine, and is prepared by pouring 4 different types of liquors into a pot, adding sugar, lemon, orange peel, and a bit of coffee beans. The pot is then burned for about 30 minutes until enough alcohol has burnt off so it can be consumed.

In addition to having this drink, we were given a wonderful presentation on the history of the Galician people and their music. Sabella is from Galicia and spent 7 years as a professional violinist. Needless to say the piece she played was extremely moving. I really wish I had recorded it. It was absolutely fantastic!

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