Favorite Memories From Pueblos Ingles

  • The Quemada and Hearing Sabella Play the Violin
  • Hearing the Spainards Sing Their Favorite Songs and Dance the Sevillanas
  • Learning More than I Could Have Ever Imagined About Spanish Culture, History, Wine, and Food
  • The Hike in the Mountains and the Tapas Lunch on the Terrace
  • The Last Skit Performed by Susan, Jesus, Javier, Patricia, Pedro, and Kathleen. Absolutely Hilarious!
  • Hearing Jose’s Presentation and His Profound and Hilarious Thoughts on Marriage
  • Richi Using His Expertise in Stage Make Up To Make it Look Like Jorge Got Hit in the Face with a Wine Glass
  • Performing “Deep in The Heart of Texas” for the Spaniards
  • Learning to Play “Paddle” (a Spanish sport similar to tennis and racquetball) and Winning My First Match
  • Getting to Know and Share Incredible Memories with 50 Wonderful People
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