Farming In Tuscany (October 4th)

We have limited email access for the next week so I wanted to send a quick update to let everyone know we have arrived and are at the farm / vineyard outside of Florence. It is absolutely stunning and today we only had to work a half day since it rained all last night. They have a small vineyard and raise goats, pigs, chickens, and ducks. They also make honey and harvest olive oil.

Today, we worked on a road they are trying to build since we are pretty far out in the country side. We also had an interesting experience as we were asked to help them clean out the goat area, i.e. clean up about a year of dried goat crap. I think there is some still in my lungs and I probably won’t be able to get the smell out of my mind for days. Tomorrow we are going to hope to finish most of the road and then on Thursday we are going to help move the wine from the big metal containers into the small wooden barrells – should be an educational experience. There are two families here that are made up of two twin brothers and they do strictly organic farming. Andrea (it is a male name in Italian) is the main guy we have been working with was born in Florence, Alabama and then moved to Florence, Italy when he was two, how funny is that!

We have already learned a ton about bee keeping and what constitutes good wine. They absolutely hate conventional and big corporately made wine and say it is complete crap compared to true organically grown wine. We had some last night at dinner and we are starting to agree. On Friday, Andrea wants to go pick mushrooms since they are in season right now and so far I have learned there are about 100 different kinds of mushrooms. Andrea showed us some pictures and showed us how to avoid the bad kinds. I’m running short on time so I will have to go, but next week we’ll make sure to catch up on videos and pics

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