Pueblos Ingles


This is an English immersion program for Spanish professionals to (obviously) learn English that we volunteered with this past week. Tonight is our last night and I have to say it is one of the best experiences I have ever add. We have been so busy meeting, speaking, befriending, and really starting to love these people that we have had absolutely no time to update our blog.

Basically, a group of twenty Spaniards and twenty “Anglos” or native English speakers are taken to the beautiful Spanish coutryside in Cazorla (Andalucia region) to only speak English! We spend hours and hours talking with Spaniards and talk about everything from the weather, to poverty, to religion, to economics, etc. In return for our 100 plus hours of talking, we get to stay in a four star hotel and enjoy amazing meals, wine and tapas. It is really hard to explain how wonderful the program is and later I will need to write all of the details of Spanish culture I have learned. It feels a bit like summer camp and throughout the past 7 days, we have fallen in love with this country and the people here on this program! It is truly an experience like no other!


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