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Back to Spain and A Flamenco Show

Well, our flight back to Madrid was delayed three hours! Sadly, we are getting used to the delays. We met a very nice South African man named Andre during the delay process who ended up being an absolute saint. Because of the delay, we wouldn’t be able to get to the hostel until after midnight. Andre used his cell phone to call our hostel to make sure they would wait up for us (checkin was going to close before we got there) and then drove us from the airport to our hostel after midnight!! The people of Madrid have been the absolute best. We have had 6 separate instances like this where people in Madrid have gone out of their way to help us.

The next day we ran into a bit a problem when we realized we had forgotten to set our clocks back two hours. We woke up at 8AM, had breakfast, and went out for a run only to realize during our run that it was actually 1030AM. We cut the run short so we could still meet up with our Pueblos Ingles group. We had a fantastic Paella lunch at a traditional Spanish restaurant – now I know why all Spaniards say this is their favorite dish. Then we walked next door and were invited to watch a Flamenco show (check out video above!)

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