Watching Casablanca in Casablanca At Rick’s Cafe

We were off on our way to Casablanca after the tooth drama with just enough time to make our 8PM reservation at Rick’s Café. Now before we got to the restaurant we were over charged by every cab driver, got in a wreck in a taxi, and we were taxied to “Rex’s Café” in a very dodgy area of Casa. But, somehow we made it!

Rick’s Café is based on the movie “Casablanca”. We had an absolutely wonderful dinner at the fancy and swanky restaurant – probably the nicest place we eaten at so far. We were also able to eat dessert and have a bottle of wine in the lounge while we watched the entire movie. Jackson had never seen it so it was really cool to watch it there! Really, the rest of our time in Casablanca was nothing to write home about.

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