“My tooth fell out!!” –Haley (screamed from the bathroom)

We were moments from heading out the door to catch a train to Casablanca when I heard these words last Tuesday morning (sept 21). My mind raced and a jolt of fear ran down my spine as I tried to register what was meant by “My tooth fell out.” Images of Haley’s front teeth missing flashed in my mind. Did she fall? Did something hit her in the face? What would she look like?

Once she finally came out I thankfully saw that it was her back tooth that had just popped out of her mouth! We called Summer’s Mom who is a dental hygienist for advice and she advised that Haley get it filled as soon as possible-just one problem, we needed to fly out of Morocco the next day and had to be in Casablanca that night. We were recommended a dentist by our friend Mark and this same dentist was recommended by the US embassy. We decided to just show up and see if the tooth could be filled right then and there without an appointment. Amazingly enough, we got to the dentist and Haley was in the chair after only thirty minutes of wait time. Haley found out the tooth was actually a large filling that had just cracked and fallen out. The dentist filled it up and all was well except for the part where he did not use novocaine and Haley got to experience what it really feels like to get a filling and it only cost us $60!

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