Here are some of our favorite photos from our time touring around with Peter and Summer in Morocco. We visited some amazing places with them and they were wonderful tour guides. 


Du Chellan – Ancient Roman ruins from when Arabia was an Roman province

Moroccan Mint Tea  –

After touring the city of Rabat, we headed to a café by the coast and enjoyed a nice hot cup of Moroccan Mint Tea. I felt the phrase, “Would you like some tea with your sugar?” was much more appropriate due to the copious amounts of sugar they put in the tea. Also, since alcohol is forbidden in Islam, drinking this tea is commonly referred to as Moroccan Whiskey and men challenge each other with seeing who can drink it with most sugar.

Touring the City – Haley and Summer enjoying a nice breeze as we walk through Mohammed V’s Mausoleum. Peter just collapses from exhaustion after serving as host, translator, and tour guide. The guards who protect the Mausoleum were kind enough to stop for a quick pic. Haley poses for a photo as we look upon the Atlantic Sea.

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