Segovia, Spain:

Cinderella’s Caste & A Roman Aquaduct Built by the Devil

We took a day trip to a town outside of Madrid called Segovia. It was an ABSOLUTE blast and visiting it really was the icing on the cake for our time thus far in Spain! The town is full of history and charm, but the two main attractions are:

  1. Roman Aquaduct – 20,000 stones and not a drop of mortar built in the 1st century, this aquaduct is a fantastic feat of engineering. Legend has it that this aquaduct was built by the Devil himself after a maiden, tired of hiking to the hills to gather water, offered to sell her soul if he could build it by sundown. He fell one stone short of being complete, and thus, the maiden was able to keep her soul and the town got to keep the aquaduct.
  2. Cinderella’s Castle – Walt Disney visited the town of Segovia and upon seeing this castle, he found his inspiration for the one he would use in the movie. Haley posed as the Damsel in Distress and we also staged a set of photos to pay homage to the fitting of the glass slipper. Check out the last photo and you will see why people have said this castle looks like a ship sailing on the clouds…
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