Here are some of the photos we took during our 3 days in Madrid. Unfortunately, bull fights and soccer games are on Sundays and since we were there Monday through Thursday, we weren’t able to fit that in…total bummer. However, Madrid is a great city and much more compact than Barcelona, so were able to walk everywhere and see this historic city. 


  • Picture with Guy on A Horse: Plaza Mayor – Where the trials during the Spanish Inquisition were held.
  • We were feeling homesick so  went to McDonalds to get a coffee. It was the MOST immaculate McDonald’s we have ever been too! Marble floors, glass chandeliers, employees in fashionable uniforms, etc. Check out the picture of the coffees that Haley took. It looks like it is right off the McDonald’s website!
  • Haley posing next to the symbol of Madrid – The Bear and The Strawberry Tree
  • The Temple of Debod at Sunset. The temple was built around 200 BC in Egypt. In 1960, due to the construction of a dam and the consequent threat it posed to several monuments and archeological sites, UNESCO made an international call to save this rich historical legacy. As a sign of gratitude for the help provided by Spain in saving many of the temples of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian state donated the temple of Debod to Spain.
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