Best of Barcelona

So Barcelona is an amazing city and it we found we had to stay another day (putting us at 5 days in Barcelona) just to fit in everything we wanted to see. They have incredible architecture, art, food, and a fun nationalistic spirit that made it immediately charming. The city is much larger than we imagined and so Barcelona having a great Metro system which really helped. (so much better than the Green Line in Chicago!!)

Our favorite memories will be:

-The Cooking Class (see video and pictures)

-Magic Fountain Show (see video)

-Salvador Dali Museum (picture of Dali and Gala going to heaven)

-Learning about Antoni Gaudi and his La Sagrada Familia (The Church of the Holy Family), Park Guell and Casa Batllo (House of Batllo) – will post pics and videos soon! He has some incredible buildings.

Some of the Lowlights would be:

-Worring about being pickpocketed all the time. We were warned about 25 times from just about everyone including Australians, Irish, Americans, English, and even many Spanish people as well.

-The Ramblas – while this is one of recommended things to see in Barcelona and the buildings along it are beautiful, we found it overwhelming and a bit creepy. There were street performers literally every 5 feet and they were of the most bizarre kind (men dressed up as goats, babies, demons, marilyn monroe, etc.) and many of them made this weird squeeking noise with their mouth to draw attention. We just started to avoid the place all together.

-I thought Italy was bad when it came to sensual / sleezy type stuff, but I think Spain is worse. From rumors of what is done at the night clubs to the shirts in the souvenirs shops (extremely vulgar) to the porno mags and videos on open display for sale in many of the stores, it was a bit too much in your face.

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