Ireland – The Motherland

So as Haley and I prepared for this trip, we learned that both of our “roots” come from Ireland. My family comes from Northern Ireland – Belfast and Haley comes from Southern Ireland.


-Visiting Trinity College campus in Dublin and then getting to see Red Bull’s “Illumine” exhibit that is showcasing the world’s 50 best photos of extreme sports. (see pics posted). Well this probably was more my

-Visiting the Cliffs of Mohar that were used as the Cliffs of Insanity from the Princess Bride (video already posted)

-Touring the Guiness Brewery and having a pint at the top of the Gravity Bar. Wow – how Guiness is so much better from the source. I could never drink the stuff when we were stateside. (see videos and pics posted)


-Spending 6 hours in the Dublin airport and 1 hour on the tarmac as our Ryan Air flight was delayed by 7 hours. We were originally scheduled to depart at 9PM, but didn’t get into the air until 4AM. The cause of the delay was the French going on strike and not allowing any planes to fly over their airspace. We got to our hotel at 445AM and got into bed at 5AM and still had to check out of our hotel at noon so we weren’t in the best mood that day.

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