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On Saturday Jackson and I went on a tour that culminated with the Cliffs of Moher (i.e. the Cliffs of Insanity from Princess Bride). Jackson got a little too close to the edge in this video :). Over all we have had an amazing time in Ireland. That Saturday we got to see West Ireland, the Burren, Burnabby Castle (sp?), and some gorgeous Irish sceneries and monasteries.

We took a run through Dublin on Sunday and got to see the entire city; it was one of my favorite runs ever! We also watched the Superbowl of Hurling matches here in Dublin in a nearby pub and people were going crazy! Two men got in an argument on the Luas (like a Cubs/WhiteSox argument on the Red line) and then noticed I had no idea what they were talking about so they explained Hurling to me which I kept thinking was Curling until Jackson told me it was like their version of Lacrosse.

Today we visited Glendalough (where they filmed much of Braveheart) and Kilkenny. It was POURING rain and freezing but we it was still beautiful somehow. Kilkenny was a very cute Irish town with a HUGE castle.

We are recupperating now at our hostel and realizing that we will NEVER stay in a dorm-style hostel again on this trip (well maybe I am more adament than Jackson). The hostel is fine, but, really, sharing room with strangers is just weird!

Tomorrow we have one last day in Dublin and then off to Barcelona! Until later…

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